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Cost savings of a rebuilt Ballscrew.

The cost of rebuilding your Ballscrew varies just as much as the makes, types, sizes and uses of ballscrews there are. Given certain parameters of your particular ballscrew, we can give you an estimated cost of the rebuild and/or replacement. The Ballscrew length, diameter, pitch and the problem your having with it are extremely helpful in us determining the approximate cost.

The process of refurbishing or rebuilding your ballscrew.

We always look at every ballscrew individually. With so many Makes and Models it’s important to know what is needed for the repair on a per ballscrew basis. For some ballscrews we will have to make custom parts if replacements are not available. Other ballscrews might only need cleaning and minor adjustments or repairs. Some might be much more extensive work done.

Lead times.

We inspect each ballscrew the same day we receive it. After the initial review we will know if it’s repairable or not and you will get the cost estimate of the repair, or replacement, later that same day. The same day receiving /estimate lends itself to shorter turnaround times.

All makes and models and sizes.

We repair or replace all makes and models and sizes of ballscrew. If cannot find an exact match we can machine a replacement of equal or better specifications.
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Minimize Machine Downtime & Save Money.

Did you know that 30 – 60% of used precision ball screws can be refurbished to new condition with a warranty?

The repair cost is typically 50-60% the cost of new precision ball screws. We quote all ball screw repairs with a replacement option so you can not only compare your cost savings. You also have the option of keeping an extra ball screw in stock to avoid replacement lead times.

Fast ball screw repair service is available across North America from our repair centers in Bowmanville, Ontario. We offer fast, flexible lead times for ball screw repairs:

  • Rush repair service (emergency reload)
  •  5-day typical turnaround for standard repairs
  • Expediting service to minimize down time
  • Fast and economical replacement options
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We have over 50 years experience in Ball Screw Repair. Using state of the art equipment combined with highly qualified craftsmen, you can trust that only the best technicians are going to repair your ball screw and get your production back on line faster and better than anyone else.


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