Ballscrew chattering. (noise)

If your ballscrew returns or pickups are worn out, the balls might not even be rolling anymore, just sliding, which will certainly cause the entire ballscrew to fail eventually. It’s much better to get it repaired or replaced before a catastrophic incident that might certainly damage parts or even your entire machine.

Small segment worn out?

Poor accuracy in one area, the rest of the screw is fine? Over time your ball screw will wear in the area you use it most and not return to the proper position. Minor adjustments on the machinists side can get you through a few production runs, but eventually your ball screw will seize or trip the alarm. We can precision grind the ball grooves to .0002 TIR to eliminate all uneven wear and get your ball screw performing like a brand new unit in 5 days or less.

Passed to backlash compensation?

The problem is most likely worn balls and/or worn inside of the nut. Most of the time a screw polish, ball reload will solve that issue and is a very quick cost-effective way to keep your machine running at OEM specifications.

Lead distance?

What is the ball screw lead? It is the linear distance traveled for each turn. If your ball screw lead is one inch, turning the nut one full rotation will result in exactly one inch of travel. If the lead is a half an inch, turning the nut one full rotation will result in half an inch of travel. You can measure your ball screw lead by the distance traveled for one complete turn. This information isn’t necessary for a repair estimate, but it is required for the manufacturing of a new nut & screw.

Minimize Machine Downtime & Save Money.

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We have over 50 years experience in Ball Screw Repair. Using state of the art equipment combined with highly qualified craftsmen, you can trust that only the best technicians are going to repair your ball screw and get your production back on line faster and better than anyone else.


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