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Here is a small sampling of the ballscrew services we offer:

Winter Ballscrew has over 30 years of experience in rebuilding and replacing ballscrews and we are very proud of our successful track record serving the mining, aerospace, defense, automotive, furniture, machining, among several other industries with their ballscrew repair and ball screw replacements.

  • On-site ballscrew repairs; for ball screws that are simply too large, too remote, or too challenging to ship, we offer on-site repair services.
  • Emergency ballscrew and machining services are also available to meet expedient mission-critical timelines and components.
  • 3D Printing Machining Components to temporarily, and sometimes permanently, replace remanufacture work out parts that are simply not available in the marketplace or are at exponential costs due to their limited supply.
  • Made to order custom ballscrew assembly and parts

We specialize in repairing and replacement of ballscrews and other specialized machine parts. Even though most companies choose to repair their current ballscrew, replacement is also an option. Our availability of new ballscrews covers most diameters, pitches/ leads, and lengths. We can also modify a replacement to your specifications from our inventory of surplus new ball screws.

Some manufacturers and machine repair businesses do not realize they can save thousands of dollars every year for their company by rebuilding ballscrews instead of replacing them. Rebuilding ballscrews costs 50% to 75% less than replacing them. Also, the downtime on machines is greatly reduced when ball screws are rebuilt rather than replaced.
Ballscrews are used in a variety of automated equipment. Sizes range from miniature to 30+ feet length and 6+ inches in diameter (e.g. CNC machines) in any automated equipment. Among the various types are a single nut, double nut, internal and external ball return. Each with different specifications of pitch, lead, and threads per inch.

We'll be glad to help you with any of the above or in-between size requirements!

Minimize Machine Downtime & Save Money.

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We have over 50 years experience in Ball Screw Repair. Using state of the art equipment combined with highly qualified craftsmen, you can trust that only the best technicians are going to repair your ball screw and get your production back on line faster and better than anyone else.


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